Rack of lamb with polenta

Today Cristina shows you how to prepare this super typical Italian dish, perfect for the Christmas day’s lunch!

A rack of lamb works well with many side dishes and goes great with polenta. 

Polenta originated in Northern and Central Italy as an everyday porridge. It was especially common during the winter months as it was not expensive, easy to store, and provided valuable calories. Now polenta is famous all over the world.


-1 rack of lamb of 400 gr 
-Fresh rosemary 
-Fresh sage
-1 clove of garlic 
-1 glass of white wine
-Extra virgin olive oil

For the polenta 
-350 gr polenta
-1 l water 
-50 gr of Parmesan cheese 

The highest point in the polenta tradition is to consume it on the wooden board, placed on the common table with all the family around, like it was at the time of the traditional patriarchal families. 

Happy Holidays ♡