Today Cristina shows you how to make homemade Crespelle with spinach and ricotta.

Crespelle are the less known Italian equivalent of the world-famous French crepes. Although very similar to crepes, crespelle are often baked in the oven with other ingredients, in our case bechamel sauce and tomato.


For the crespelle:
4 eggs
40 gr melted butter
250 gr flour type 0 ( 405 in Germany)
500 gr milk

For the filling:
300 gr ricotta 
200 gr spinach
50 gr Parmesan cheese 
Salt/ pepper 

For the béchamel sauce:
1 l milk
100 gr butter
80 gr flour

In this recipe we filled the crespelle with spinach and ricotta cheese, but if you don’t like it, you can fill them with many alternative ingredients such us mushrooms or ham and mozzarella cheese, or tomato and ricotta.

This is the perfect recipe for your Christmas lunch! Isn’t it? ♡