Do you want to keep your team engaged? WHAT’S FOR DINNER – Frankfurt offers team-building sessions (online or in presence) designed to improve your cooking skills and promote team bonding.

We believe that food is more than just cooking: it means sharing happy memories, having fun together. In this moment, more than ever, it’s important to help people feel connected. We believe we are able to do it.

Our cooking sessions can be your chance to learn the Italian cooking techniques from an expert, creative and friendly Italian Personal Chef: Cristina. Our event Manager Alessandra will help you to plan your event. You just need to select a date and time for the activity, and she’ll handle the rest.

Cristina will guide your team in cooking delicious Italian dishes, and Alessandra will involve everyone in team challenges, to facilitate the interaction and cooperation.

how does it work?


The class takes place in a beautiful kitchen close to Frankfurt. As participants, you will learn to prepare one dish of the Italian tradition. After the cooking session, you will have dinner together (including the dish you prepared). See our Holidays 2022 format HERE.

Are included in the offer:


One week before the event, we’ll send you the list of ingredients and kitchen equipment needed for the session. Two days before the cooking class takes place, we’ll ask you to send us the names of the participants, so that we can split them in teams. The day before the event, we will send you the meeting invitation (we can use: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype). D Day: Cristina and Alessandra will guide your team during the session.  Some days after the event, we deliver small presents to the team who wins the cooking challenge.


In person event: 90 euros per person, plus 200 euros for kitchen rental

Online session: 35 euros per person (the cost of the ingredients is not included)


English or Italian

previous clients

Lillydoo / Institutional clients that prefer to stay anonymous


Fill the form below and we will contact you to plan your team event.


CRISTINA Personal chef

With her experience and energy, she will make you able to learn cooking techniques that will give you the confidence to make terrific gourmet Italian meals all by your self.

She will guide you trough the entire class, to ensure a perfect result.

ALESSANDRA Event manager

With her pragmatism and experience in events planning, she will be your guide before, during and after the team building online.

You can plan with her your team event.