Cous cous with fish

In Italy the last meal of the year (Cenone di Capodanno) is a bit of a “surf and turf” affair, as fish and meat both play a pretty important role in it. We decided to show you two very interesting fish recipes perfect for this occasion. We started with the “tiella barese” (see our last post) and now is cous cous time, with Cristina!!

Cous cous is a typical food throughout the Maghreb cuisines of Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco, and Libya. It arrived in Sicily during the period of the Arab domination, and it’s part of the Italian cuisine tradition. 

-Mussels 1kg
-Clams 1kg 
-Scampi 4 pieces
-Shrimps 600 gr
-Monkfish 600 gr
-3 tablespoons tomato 
-2 cloves garlic 
-Chili pepper 
300 gr cous cous
-400 ml fish broth 
-Salt pepper 

What’s your traditional New Year’s Eve dish? Let us know in the comments.