Cauliflower steak with chickpeas and beetroots hummus

Today we present you a vegan/vegetarian recipe that we took from Riccardo and Stefano, the creators of @gnambox

It’s a cauliflower steak with chickpeas and beetroots hummus. It’s a super healthy dish and it’s very tasty. @sommycri

– 1 cauliflower
– 200 gr precooked chickpeas
– 2 precooked beetroots
– 1 lemon
– Parsley
– Salt
– Pepper
– Breadcrumbs
– Parmesan cheese (optional)
– Extra virgin olive oil


Cut the cauliflower in 2 cm slices, boil them for 3 minutes. Dry them and season with 4 tablespoons of breadcrumbs, salt, pepper, parsley and Parmesan cheese (optional). Cook them in the oven at 200c for about 10 minutes or until they are gold.

In the meantime put 2 precooked beetroots in a food processor together with 40 ml of extra virgin olive oil, the chickpeas, some salt, pepper and the juice of the lemon. Blend it until it’s creamy and smooth.

Serve the steak together with the hummus and enjoy this vegan/vegetarian dish ♡