Turkey Roll

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. It’s not an Italian tradition of course, but it can be a chance to say “thank you” to someone that is special to you.

In this video Cristina will cook for us an Italian version of the classical turkey, usually served on Thanksgiving Day. She will make a turkey roll filled with mushrooms, cheese and prosciutto.

Cristina loves to celebrate Thanksgiving Day because it reminds her of the time she spent in Washington DC. BTW this recipe is perfect also for Christmas Day or for a special occasion.


-800 gr turkey breast thin sliced

– 6 slices of Emmental cheese

– 100 gr ham

-300 gr mushrooms

-2 eggs (for the omelette)

– Fresh herbs (rosemary and sage)

– 50 gr butter

– Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

– For the side dish: 300 gr green beans, 100 gr bacon

Let’s try to be grateful to each other and let’s stay strong, despite the tough time ♡