Mini strawberry tarts

Yesterday we had a cold rainy day in Frankfurt… so we decided to prepare these mini tarts with custard, strawberries and Italian meringue… the perfect way to cheer us up! These cute tarts can be a nice dessert, a sweet treat to accompany your afternoon tea or even a sweet way to start your day (together with a warm cappuccino).

Do you want to try them? Book a personal chef service with us and we’ll prepare it for you! 

Or if you want to learn how to make them as a professional, book a cooking class with us!


For the tarts
300 flour 
125 butter
100 powder sugar 
2 yolks 
Lemon zest 

For the custard
500 gr milk
4 eggs
120 gr sugar
70 gr flour 

For the Italian meringue
50 gr egg whites 
100 gr sugar
15 gr water