Tricolor Lasagna

Some recipes don’t need much of an introduction, like the classic Italian lasagna. You know what to expect: an intense, tasty Bolognese sauce, sheets of perfectly cooked pasta, creamy béchamel, and a golden-brown crust. But this version has a twist: the handmade pasta sheets have this beautiful green color, because the dough is made with the addition of spinach. So this is our tricolor lasagna: the green of the sheets, the white of the béchamel and the red of the bolognese are combined together and elevate this dish to another level.


For the pasta sheets
300 g four 
3 eggs
60 gr spinach

For the bolognese sauce
300 gr ground beef 
200 ground pork 
2 carrots 
1 onion 
2 sticks of celery 
300 g of tomato purée 
Extra virgin olive oil
1 glass of wine
Salt and pepper

For the béchamel sauce 
100 gr butter
80 g flour 
1 l of milk

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