Supplì al telefono (on the phone)

Today Alessandra and her sisters show you how to prepare “supplì al telefono”, one of the Romans’ most beloved snack or appetizer. 
Supplì is a simple finger food, loved by adults and children, that can be eaten for lunch walking through the streets of Rome or as appetizer before a dinner of any kind, the best match is pizza.
They are called “supplì al telefono”, which means “on the phone” because the Romans say that, when the supplì are split and pulled apart, the thin cord of mozzarella resembles a telephone line.

Ingredients to make 20 supplì:
For the risotto:
600gr risotto rice (arborio or carnaroli)
500 ml tomato can
Extra virgin olive oil
1liter Water or broth
For the supplì:
200gr mozzarella cheese
4 eggs (for the eggwash)
Seeds oil to fry them

Traditionally, suppli are made with leftover rice from the day before, as the rice becomes sticky and the supplì hold together nicely. If you don’t have it, cook the rice the day before you want to prepare supplì. Cook your rice directly in the tomato sauce, adding the broth or water. Salt to taste. Let the rice cook and thicken until the liquid has completely evaporated. Place the finished risotto in a separate bowl to cool. 
Beat the eggs and cut the mozzarella into little sticks.
Grab a handful of rice with wet hands, place a stick of mozzarella in the center, and fold the rice around it to form a nice oval shape.
Dust the suppli with the flour. Dip the suppli in the eggwash, and then in the breadcrumbs, making sure it holds together in the process.
Heat the seeds oil well (the perfect temperature would be about 180°C) and deep fry the suppli until golden brown. 
Drain and serve hot.