Handmade “pasta all’uovo”

In this tutorial Cristina shows us how to make 3 types of handmade fresh “pasta all’uovo”: classic tortelli, candy-wrapped tortelli and farfalle.

In this video we cook the tortelli just with butter, sage and Parmigiano cheese, but of course you can do it in many ways (tomato sauce, fresh tomato, pesto etc).

Homemade pasta is a perfect idea for Christmas, or for a special lunch or dinner. You can prepare it in advance and put it in the freezer 😉

Ingredients for 2 people

For the pasta:
-2 eggs 
-200 gr flour 0 (405 in Germany)
-1 little spoon of curcuma

For the filling:
-250 gr spinach
-100 gr ricotta @galbani_italia
-Salt and pepper 
-80 gr Parmigiano cheese

Happy Sunday, everybody ♡