SpAcial night “The challenges of Mars”

On June 2nd we had the great honor of hosting a talk+dinner about Mars with Dr Paolo Ferri, Former Head of Mission Operations at the European Space Agency in Darmstadt.

Paolo Ferri worked for almost forty years at ESA, and he was responsible for various missions, including Rosetta, Mars Express and Exo Mars.

He gave an amazing speech about the red planet that enchanted the almost 40 guests gathered for the event. 

The second part of the evening was a space-inspired dinner prepared by What’s for dinner Frankfurt. The appetizer was dedicated to the Sun, the first course to the Earth and the dessert was as red as Mars.

If you are curious about space and science, do not miss the “Galileo Galilei Science and Space Festival”, organized by the Italian Consulate in Frankfurt. Talks in Italian and English. We invite you to check out the program that is really amazing!

On Friday June 16th at 18.30 at the Frankfurter Kunstverein (Markt 44 – 60311 FFM), Dr Paolo Ferri is going to present his book about the challenges of Mars. To book your place at the presentation, a reservation is required. You need to send an email at

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