Aperol Spritz

Happy Mother’s Day with this fresh and sparkling Aperol Spritz!

Do you want to make your mother happy today? Prepare for her this 100% Italian cocktail and some snacks… we bet she is going to love it! 

From the beginning in little bars across Northern Italy, the Aperol Spritz ritual has spread across the continents, with people all around the globe connecting through their love of Italy’s number one cocktail. 
Light, refreshing with a unique bittersweet taste, Aperol Spritz is the perfect drink to start the evening.


3 parts prosecco
2 parts Aperol 
1 part soda
Orange slices

You can accompany the Aperol Spritz with some snacks such as a quiche or a savory pie, a good pizza, a hot piadina, some fragrant supplì or meatballs. You can find all these recipes on our page!

Enjoy mums!