Ricotta Gnocchi

In case you missed it, Disney and Pixar’s latest original feature film, LUCA, has finally dropped, exclusively on Disney+! The film is fun and, because it’s set in Italy (Liguria), it also features a lot of italian food, in particular, a very beautiful “pasta al PESTO”.

So we decided to make for you these ricotta-gnocchi with pesto! If you have been a big fan of the classic potato gnocchi, you should give ricotta-gnocchi a try! It’s an easier-to-make, lighter and even more-delicious version.

You literally just stir 5 simple ingredients together, roll out and cut the dough into bite-sized pieces, boil for a few minutes and the most delicious gnocchi can be ready to go

We served gnocchi with home made pesto (posted the recipe yesterday) but there are a million other delicious ways that you can prepare them, so get creative!


60 gr basil
1 clove garlic (optional)
29 gr pine nuts
40gr Parmigiano Reggiano
20 gr Pecorino Romano
120 cc Olive oil

INGREDIENTS for gnocchi

500 gr ricotta cheese
300 gr flour 
1 egg
2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese