Italian Rice Cake

The rice cake is an Italian classic, prepared with some variations in the different regions of Italy.  In the past it used to be prepared only at Easter, but nowadays we eat it all year long.


700 ml milk 
200 gr rice Arborio or carnaroli 
50 gr finely chopped almonds 
2 eggs
100 gr sugar 
1 lemon only the zest 


In a pot pur the milk and the rice. Cook the rice for about 20 min at low heat. Let it cool down and than add the sugar, the eggs, the almonds and the lemon zest. 

Butter a ovenproof dish and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, transfer the mixture and bake at 180 for 45 min. 

Serve it as a dessert after dinner, or as an afternoon snack with a good cup of coffee.