We are three Italian expat that met each other in Frankfurt. We discovered a common passion for food and we decided to create “What’s for dinner” with the purpose of making everybody able to cook wonderful Italian dishes. Cooking is a way to express love, for ourself in primis, and also for our friends, families, partners. If you follow our website (or our Instagram account), we will try to: show you tasty recipes, give you tips and reveal secrets to help you making every dish you cook a “capolavoro”.


Hello! My name is Antonella and I have been living in Frankfurt for many years now.  Since I was a child I watched my mom cooking and always offered to help. 
Since then I have never stopped and I continue to do so with a lot of passion.
I have always enjoyed cooking and creating new dishes!


Hi everyone, I am Cristina. I’m from Tuscany, I left Italy in 2007 to move to Washington DC where I worked in the catering business and also as a private chef. Now I live in Frankfurt with my beautiful three children and husband. They are my biggest fans and I put all my love in preparing delicious meals for them. 


Hi! I’m Alessandra, I’m from Rome and I moved to Frankfurt almost 4 years ago.
I have 10 years experience in the PR field and I’m in charge of the communication aspects of this project. I am the one behind the camera. Anyway I love food and I spend a lot of time cooking and baking with my two little daughters.